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Mae’s Story is a story of a young woman starting her life over from nothing. You’ll be following Mae on her journey as she tries to find a job, as she develops friends and foes, and as she finds out things she would have never thought would have happened to her. Feel free to leave comments on what you think about each chapter.

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I’m sorry to say, but Mae Story will be on hold for a little while. My computer just can’t handle the Sims 3 so I had to uninstall it. And with uninstalling it, I lost Mae, Keith and all the characters. I want to thank all the readers who have been reviewing each chapter. Means a lot to me that you like the story. I’m once again sorry about this, and hope to continue Mae Story when I get things figured out.


Mae looked at herself in the mirror feeling so accomplished , feeling so confident. Only being in Sunset Valley for about a day and getting a job on that exact same day? How couldn’t you not feel confident and accomplished after that.

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Mae locked the door behind her. It was about 5:50, a good time to leave. She just hoped the cab didn’t drive slow. That’s one disadvantage about not having a car, not being able to control it.

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Mae stood in the doorway of her new home. She loved the way her sounded after the word home. During the past month or so, Mae had been going through some tough times. Recently, she got fired from her job, both of her parents had passed, and not to mention a hard breakup with her ex-boyfriend. She felt as if her life was done, she felt no reason to move on.

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